• Algaebanner Algae
    AFA (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae) is a blue-green algae a natural super food, harvested from
    UPPER KLAMATH LAKE, USA. Consuming 1000mg
    of AFA daily can stimulate our bone marrow to
    release 3 to 4 million stem cell. Within each cell
    walls of AFA lies all the 14 vitamins, 60 organic trace minerals, 20 essential and non-essential amino
    acids making it one super supplement.
  • Ever Eve Beauty Care
    Cell Viva brings together selected organic plants found only in the Swiss Alps and pure glacial Alpine aqua with most advanced SWISS cosmetic research for the epitome of skin care, Ever Eve range.
  • Detox Made Easy
    A cocktail of healthy nutrients uniquely
    formulated to relieve constipation, removal of
    toxic substances from the body lower heart diseases and diabetes.
  • Ever Spring Deer Placenta
    Nature's ilixer of youth known to contain
    rich source of nutrition, It is a proven fact that
    deer placenta is effective in slowing the aging
  • Stem Release
    Stem Release is packed with rich nutritional food supplements. It's main ingredients, AFA, Coenzyme Q10 and Glutathione booster help protect the body from the daily intake of pollution, degeneration of
    cells and most importantly upkeeping one's immune system to optimum.

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Latest News

Lauching of EverSpring range of skin care products

June 2013

A total of 9 new skin care products for your beauty. Key products have been tested by users with very exciting results. These users are pushing for the launch of the skin care range and will be excited to know that they are finally coming in June 2013.

Welcoming Founder Distributors

Jan, 2013

Founder Distributors are welcome. This special rank (distributors) are for limited period only. Founder Distributors have special benefits. Welcome to find out more on this from the company personnel.

Company go LIVE!

Jan 15, 2013

Company will go live on 15 Feb, 2013

Cell Viva Malaysia had soft opening on 12/12/12..... 12.12 pm

December 12, 2012

Planning started 9 months ago. Just like the human prenancy period,the company took 9 months to launch forth. Started signing up first distributor in end November 2012.